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What is rock chip repair?

Windshield repair (Also known as a Rock Chip Repair) is a modern process that utilizes resin technology to repair, rather than replace a chipped windshield. Repairing a chipped windshield saves money by preventing the need for costly replacement and extends the life of your existing windshield. Road debris often strikes a windshield causing damage. This damage can range from small chips to large shattered areas. Most of the smaller rock chips can be repaired without removing or replacing the windshield thus stopping the windshield from cracking further. The main objective of repairing a rock chip is to extend the life of the existing windshield.

What Kind of Damage Can Be Repaired?

Look at the picture above to see what classifies as a rock chip. The size should be smaller than a quarter (25 cent piece).

Best results are obtained if the repair is done before the damaged area is contaminated. The longer it sits there, the more air/water/debris can penetrate the impact point.

If the damaged area is contaminated, the rock chip can still be repaired, but the overall appearance of the repair may be affected.

How is a Damaged Windshield Repaired?

Basically, the process consists of injecting a resin into the damaged area. When the resin fills the damaged area, it is covered with a sealer and exposed to an ultraviolet light which cures the resin. This process bonds all of the tiny cracks together and prevents the cracks from spreading. Most rock chip repairs can be done in 15-30 minutes.

How Will the Windshield Look After it’s Repaired?

After a rock chip repair is completed, the appearance of the broken area improves, but it does not always disappear from sight. There is always slight damage where the rock chip was filled. When looking through the glass, vision should not be impaired. If vision is impaired, the windshield should be replaced. The whole gain from this is to adhere your cracked windshield back together and bring back the integrity to the windshield. The main objective of repairing a rock chip is to extend the life of the windshield. Repairing a rock chip is about 95% effective in preventing a chip from turning into a major crack that would require a windshield replacement.

What Does My Insurance Cover?

Windshield repair is covered by the comprehensive portion of an insurance policy. Most major insurance companies typically encourage repair. Most insurance companies will waive any deductible requirements if a windshield is repaired rather than replaced. Please contact your insurance agent to confirm you are eligible. We can assist you with filing the claim and submitting the insurance paperwork, helping to reduce the hassle!