Do you need a new windshield because yours is cracked?

What is your main requirement for selecting an auto glass replacement company?

How do you select your windshield replacement company?

What do you know about the company that is going to or did your replacement?

What is the reputation of your auto glass company? Do you care?

What if you were having surgery, would these questions matter to you? Would you even give them a thought?

Now I am not comparing auto glass repair or windshield replacement to surgery but I am attempting to make a point that you need to ask questions other than “How much is it” and do research on how a company does business and performs their service.

I am constantly getting calls asking if I am able to fix a loose molding or reseal a leaking piece of glass that another company installed. Why am I getting these calls? Here are 3 reasons that I hear all of the time.

1. X glass company never shows up to fix it even though they say they will. (So much for their warranty/guarantee)
2. X glass company is out of business (more likely that they changed their name and “reopened” another shop)
3. I do not want them touching my car again, I do not trust them.

If the installer did not use primer, did not run a consistent and solid bead of urethane or a variety of other things correctly, than the only way to fix the leak is to remove the windshield and start from scratch…. which will cost you more money if you go with someone other than the original glass company. Very seldom will you be able to remove the windshield without breaking it in the cars of today, which is why the warranty and guarantee is very important to you the consumer.

I guess I am pounding home this advice:

Doing a small amount of research for reviews online will yield vast amounts of information, and at the same time LEAVING reviews online could/will help the next person come to a decision and perhaps avoid trouble. And as much as it hurts to admit and accept, paying a little more on the front end for a company that does not take shortcuts and follows procedures, usually ends up SAVING you money in the long run.