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Here’s what Chapman Auto Glass’ Customers Have to Say:

Brian, The windshield looks Great! Thanks for working us in we really appreciate it. Thanks Again!

Nora – Albuquerque

On Sunday Dec 30th 2012 I was returning to my home in Rio Rancho from a Christmas trip to spend time with our family in Colorado. We were traveling on I-25 when a large chunk of snow and ice flew off of a vehicle in front of us which hit and destroyed the windshield in our 2007 Honda Odyssey. After gathering our wits, we drove slowly into Rio Rancho and called around to most of the glass shops listed in the phone book with no luck as it was a Sunday. When we called Chapman Auto Glass we did not get an answer but they did have voice mail and we left a message. Within 15 minutes we received a call back from them. Although they did not have the windshield for our vehicle in stock Brian was able to get the windshield from his supplier, replace the windshield, and get us back on the road that same day. We were not expecting to be able to get our windshield fixed on a Sunday. We greatly appreciate Chapman Auto Glass going above and beyond what anyone could expect.

Dan – Rio Rancho

I was driving home from work today and I heard the Carfax radio commercial that is running on the radio and I decided to send you this letter to hopefully post on your website as I think people need to know about this. About two months ago I called Chapman Auto Glass to see if they could possibly repair a leak in the windshield of my 2006 Mazda, which I had replaced back in December by (name removed), whom I could not get to come back and fix the leak. Little did I know the leak would be the least of my worries! After looking for the leak for a short time he came into the house and wanted to show me the problem, I told him to just fix the leak as I was very frustrated with the situation and just wanted it fixed. Brian explained the problem to me, that it was dangerous, and that it would not be a “simple fix” and that I really needed to see the issue. When we walked out into the garage Brian climbed into my car and literally pushed the windshield out of my car with his hands!! He than explained that the previous installer did not use ANY of the primers that were needed for the adhesive to hold the windshield in place and he also pointed out where the installer had not primed the vehicle and I now had rust starting to develop on my relatively new car. I called (name removed) to see if they were going to cover the cost of fixing their mistake I was informed that their warranty was void as soon as anyone else touched the windshield without them having seen the issue firsthand. I obviously had Brian install my windshield as my options were limited at that point. When the job was finished it looked the same as the last windshield only this time I had seen what had been done during the installation. After Brian left I called another auto glass shop and asked them several questions pertaining to windshield replacement and was told the same thing as what Brian had told me. I hope letter this saves someone else some hard earned money and frustration.

Susan – Albuquerque

I had my back glass broken by vandals and a large rock in my 2001 Buick Century late at night on April 12. I called around the next morning praying to find someone to replace the glass before it rained or something else happened to ruined my interior. I was not able to find anyone who was able to fix the glass right away due to it being a Sunday, Chapman Auto Glass offered to meet me at their store and keep the car inside for the night until they were able to get the glass and install it on Monday. They did not need to offer that service, but they did! Thanks Again!

Joel B. – Albuquerque

I had a rock fly through the back windshield of my Yukon XL when my husband was mowing the lawn. If you knew me this would be a tragic event as I love my truck. I called my insurance company and was referred to Brian at Chapman Auto Glass. This was my first experience with him and he was helpful and made arrangements to come to my house on a Saturday morning to fix my back glass. I am a very picky person and wanted to make sure that the new glass that he was putting in was similar to my old glass and actually talked to him about the difference in dealer glass and the glass he was going to order for me. He assured me if I did not like the glass that he was bringing we could order dealer glass. He came out, glass turned out to be just like my old one and he had it in and everything cleaned up in no time. We took a test drive and it sounded great. I also had an issue with my front glass that was repaired through the GM dealership and Brian was able to take a look at that for me and fix the area that was leaking air. I could not get the dealership to fix the front glass issue even though they installed it. I was extremely pleased with everything he did and was impressed that he would take the time to help me on my other glass issue as well. He provided me excellent service and I have recommended him to everyone I know.

Peggy Sue – Albuquerque

I called Chapman Auto Glass to repair a rock chip on my 2007 Chevrolet Impala caused by a thrown rock while driving on the interstate. The technician was very professional and courteous on the phone and while at the car he took the time to explain the repair process as well as the risk involved while performing the repair. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the repair as well as my experience with Chapman Auto Glass during this very frustrating time. I understand why my insurance company recommended them.

Donna B. – Rio Rancho

Chapman Auto Glass has been replacing or repairing our fleet vehicle windshields since he started his business and he has always been competitively priced. It is his prompt service and knowledge that we truly appreciate and why we keep calling him. Brian is willing to go the extra mile when we need him to. I will continue to recommend Chapman Auto Glass to everyone I know.

Chad – Academy Roofing

Chapman Auto Glass repaired my rock chip and it is hardly noticeable! They not only repaired my chip but they also walked me through the hassle of filing a claim with my insurance company.

Kim D. – Albuquerque

You guys did an awesome job on my 2005 Chevy Silverado windshield! I came out after work and it was done… no problems and no hassles. Thanks Again!

Jim K. – Albuquerque

What an improvement!!! I didn’t realize my old windshield was so bad, everything is so clear now. I really appreciated that you were able to remove my old windshield at my home in the front yard, when it was convenient for me! I will recommend you to everyone! Thank you so much!

Jacque A. – Rio Rancho

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