Can I get a windshield replacement if I don’t have insurance?

Can I get a windshield replacement if I don't have insurance?

Simply put: yes, you can. There is absolutely nothing stopping you from replacing your windshield without insurance. But you have to take into account that you are going to have to put money down for it.

So, now you know, you can replace your windshield even if you don’t have insurance – but you’ll have to answer another question next: How much is that going to cost you? Before you decide to do this, you need to see whether you can fit a brand-new windshield in your budget. You should also learn the difference between replacing and repairing a windshield.

It’s important to remember that chips and cracks are rather common in windshields. Most car owners are bound to experience one of them at least once in their lifetime – but don’t worry! Fixing it is not as expensive as you might think.

How much money does it cost to replace my windshield?

No one can answer this question right away. The cost of replacing your windshield is entirely dependent on your vehicle and the options installed.

Do not panic! Even though no one can give you an exact answer without the make and model of your vehicle, you can get to know the possible price range. Most likely, getting your windshield replaced will cost $200 at best and $500 at worst. If you own a luxury car or happen to have a big windshield, you will face bigger costs.

You also have to consider something else: your windshield’s features will also drive the price up. Whether it’s tinting, rain sensors or visual displays – they all cost money. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider what to keep and what to drop.

Keep in mind safety measures will help you drive better – and in exchange, you might save some money in the future by having no car accidents down the line. It might be worth it to keep the safety-related features in your windshield no matter the cost.

To get an accurate quote, keep your VIN available – that may/will cover all features you currently have in your windshield.

A windshield replacement isn’t as expensive as you think – and it’s nowhere near what replacing something else in your car might cost. For example, a new transmission might cost up to $4000 without insurance. A $200-$500 range doesn’t seem that much in comparison.

Sometimes, this information might come in handy even if you have insurance. Some policies do not cover windshield repair – they’ll deal with replacement claims only, which they’ll fight tooth and nail to deny anyways

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Reasons Why Windshield Repair Needs To Be Done ASAP

Reasons Why Windshield Repair Needs To Be Done ASAP

At first glance, a simple crack on your windshield may seem like a minor thing, because, what can that little chip cause, right? The truth is, though it looks minor, it could have a huge impact on your vehicle’s performance and your safety too. Below, we’ll discuss over the details and see why it’s crucial to fix any kind of windshield damage and why you wanted to make sure that you get it replaced immediately.

Structural Integrity

Did you know that even the tiniest chip in your windshield endangers the driver and all the passengers inside the vehicle? The structural integrity of the vehicle has already been compromised once there is a small crack. In an accident, windshields play a crucial role in providing structural support that helps keep the vehicle in one piece. With a damaged windshield, there’s a possibility that the roof may collapse during an accident.


Simply said, these windshields aren’t called windshields for no reason at all. They serve as a protective barrier for the driver and the passengers alike. It stops debris from entering your vehicle and people from being thrown out of the vehicle just in case a rollover happens.

If a collision takes place, a cracked windshield could also cause more damage, and the passenger may get hit by debris. A damaged windshield may not be able to protect you from flying glass, metal or any other object that’ll come crashing through your front window. Fatal injuries or even death may occur when this happens. Do not take for granted a broken windshield – it plays a huge role in keeping you safe.

Protection (Newer Vehicles)

The majority of can manufacturers these days now make use of thinner automotive frames that will go with the modern and sleek look of these new vehicles. The thing with this kind of frame is that they fully depend on how strong a windshield is. This means that if a windshield is not properly installed, or if it’s damaged, the glass itself may pose more danger when a collision takes place.

Clear Line Of Sight

One of the most important factors in road safety is a clear line of sight. If there are chips or blemishes of any kind that hinders the driver to see clearly, it poses a safety risk. Even the slightest distraction makes a huge difference in life and death, especially when dealing with car and road collisions. Which is why even the slightest crack or chip on your windshield needs to be either repaired or replaced the soonest possible time.

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Windshield is a Misleading Name – More on Mobile Windshield Replacement Done Right – Part 4

This post is the fourth in a series on windshield history, technology, and mobile windshield replacement. If you haven’t read parts 1-3 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

How do we make sure our windshield can handle what we need it to? (continued)

Given how much we ask of our windshields, you might be wondering how we can make sure they’re up to the task. Well, the good news is that modern automotive manufacturers have spent decades and millions of dollars figuring out how to make their cars’ windshields as strong and safe as possible. So, problem solved, right? Not quite.

A row of new cars - mobile windshield replacement blog

No matter how tough a windshield is, life happens, and eventually it’s going to get damaged. Once it’s damaged, we can no longer trust it to live up to the high standards we need it to, so it has to be replaced.

When we replace the windshield, it’s critical that the job we do lives up to the same high standards the manufacturer used in the original installation. Most of the time, this procedure is automated and done by robots, so that’s a pretty high standard of precision to live up to. Unfortunately, many mobile windshield replacement companies out there aren’t living up to that standard, either due to the fact that they’re using substandard windshields, substandard adhesives, or substandard methods and practices.

At Chapman Auto Glass, we only use the highest quality replacement auto glass – the same OEM manufacturers used in car factories. We also only use top-notch Dow chemical adhesives, which cost about two to three times more than the aftermarket adhesives used by cut-rate shops. Lastly, we use the most up to date industry standard techniques set forth by the Auto Glass Safety Council.

When it comes to mobile windshield replacement, don’t pinch pennies with your family’s safety. Call Chapman Auto Glass and get the job done right!

Windshield is a Misleading Name – More on Mobile Windshield Replacement Done Right – Part 3

This post is the third in a series on windshield history, technology, and mobile windshield replacement. If you haven’t read parts 1 and 2 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

Modern windshields and windshield replacement (continued)

Let’s take a look at some of the things modern windshields do:

  • Block road debris – since modern windshield glass is so tough, it offers us protection against a wide range of things we might hit while driving. Generally the only thing we have to worry about getting through a modern windshield is severe penetrating damage.

New car - driver view - mobile windshield replacement blog

  • Allow the airbags to work – This is one of the most critical functions of a windshield that many people don’t even know about. Airbags work by providing a cushion of air to push against the passenger and decelerate their motion, decreasing the chance of impact trauma against the inside of the car and keeping them better coupled to the car. To do this, they need something to push against – for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. In the case of many modern cars, the windshield provides the backstop for the airbag to push against. If the windshield doesn’t stay attached to the car throughout the wreck, the airbag can’t do its job.
  • Hold the roof up in a rollover – Modern windshields are tough. Many modern vehicle designs rely on this fact to reinforce the structural integrity of their designs. If the car rolls onto its roof, the windshield is a critical part of making sure the roof doesn’t cave in and crush the occupants.

So, how do we make sure our windshield can handle what we need it to?

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Windshield is a Misleading Name – More on Mobile Windshield Replacement Done Right – Part 2

This post is the second in a series on windshield history, technology, and mobile windshield replacement. If you haven’t read part 1 yet, I recommend you do before continuing.

The quest for a safer windshield (continued)

Later, when Benedictus got out a beaker for his next experiment, he dropped it. The beaker shattered, but all of the pieces of glass stuck together, held in place by the dried cellulose nitrate. Benedictus realized what had happened, and laminated glass was born.

In 1917, Henry Ford was in search of a better way to make windshields. There had been numerous reports of crash injuries and at least one lawsuit related to the plate glass windshields that Ford had been installing in their cars. When he heard about Benedictus’ invention, it seemed like a perfect fit. He used this laminated glass technique to build windshields composed of two panes of glass sandwiched around a core of cellulose. By 1919, all cars coming off of the Ford assembly line had laminated glass windshields.

A group of cars from the 1920s - mobile windshield replacement blog

Of course, windshield technology has come a long way since 1919. The 1930s saw the widespread inception of tempered glass, which breaks into much smaller pieces than non-tempered glass. These small pieces stay attached to the laminate much better than larger shards.

Modern windshields and windshield replacement

Modern windshields use Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) instead of cellulose to hold the laminated sheets together. PVB is clearer and much tougher than cellulose. The biggest difference between early windshields and modern ones; however, is the number of roles they perform. While early windshields did little more than keep the bugs out of your teeth, modern ones are a critical safety system in your car.

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