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Cars today are marvels of technology when compared with vehicles made in the past, and the technology even extends into the auto’s windshield. Most modern windshields have multiple electrical systems embedded into them which are attached to specialized connectors. It’s also common for some of these systems to need calibration after a windshield is replaced.

With over two decades of experience repairing auto glass, Chapman Mobile Auto Glass has the experience to do the job right. Don’t let a hack install glass in the car you love to drive!

Mobile windshield replacement at Chapman Auto Glass

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At Chapman Auto Glass all of our windshield installations are completed using Dow Automotive urethanes, preps and primers that allow for a 1 hour safe drive away time such as Essex One and Essex Express.

Windshield Replacement

Don’t Take Time Out of Your Busy Day to Replace that windshield! Chapman Mobile Auto Glass will come to your work or home so you can keep doing what you need to do. Learn More about our Albuquerque windshield Replacement services here:

Auto glass replacement at Chapman Auto Glass

Auto Glass Replacement

Chapman Mobile Auto Glass can handle all of your auto glass needs such as the door glass, vent glass, quarter glass and back glass in all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUV’s. Check out what we offer for these services here:

Mobile windshield repair at Chapman Auto Glass

Windshield Repair

Did you know you may be able to prevent a full windshield replacement simply by having that rock chip repaired in Albuquerque? Save money today and let Us Repair that rock chip before it spreads, learn more here:

Chapman Auto Glass can also repair car window motors & regulators

Window Regulator & Motor Repair

Chapman Mobile Auto Glass offers window regulator and window motor replacement services that use Original Equipment quality components for dependable and long-lasting performance. No need to take your car in for this:

Chapman Auto Glass provides ADAS service on domestic makes

ADAS Calibration on Domestic Makes

Examples of ADAS applications are:

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Alert
  • Collision Mitigation Braking System
  • Traffic Sign Recognition

Learn more here:

Why Choose Chapman Auto Glass?


If your windshield is chipped or cracked, it is a nuisance and also a distraction from the road. A crack larger than a dollar can obstruct the road in front of you, preventing you from driving safely, as well as lowering the integrity of the overall stability of your vehicle.

Don’t run the risk of theft or water damage if your car window is broken. The seemingly simple function of auto glass may be taken for granted sometimes, but not by Chapman Auto Glass. We care about the people behind the glass – our customers and their families.

We specialize in the glass repair and replacement of glass in Albuquerque & surrounding cities.

  • Locally Veteran Owned and Operated
  • Original Equipment (OE) quality glass
  • OE quality urethanes, preps and primers
  • Approved by ALL insurance companies
  • Experienced Auto Glass Technician
  • Same day/next day MOBILE service
  • Warranty/Guarantee
  • Convenient Mobile Service
  • Competitive Pricing
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Question: What about the oil change and/or tire rotation stickers on my windshield?

Answer: We will swap your old stickers over to your new windshield so you will not loose the information. We will also swap stickers for schools, parking, and military when possible.

Question: What about my rear view mirror?
Answer: Swapping your rear view mirror to your new windshield is part of our job. There is not an additional cost for this service.
Question: It looks like it's going to rain tomorrow. Can you still get the job done if it rains?
Answer: We do not perform auto glass replacements in the rain or snow for both safety reasons and manufacture requirements. That does not mean that we cannot do the job. We can do it if you have proper cover such as a garage at your home/work or something else that would provide a suitable working environment including temperature requirements when applicable.
Question: My windshield is leaking. Can you replace the seal?
Answer: If we originally installed the windshield for you, we will come and fix the problem at no cost. We also fix leaking windshields installed by other companies – We advise you make the original company provide proper customer service and take care of it at no cost. If they will not, we can do it but be advised that this will in many cases require a new windshield. You may be shocked that we can’t simply squirt more glue or patch up the leak, but in order to create a proper bond we need to remove the leaking windshield. A windshield can almost never be removed without it breaking. We have to look under the windshield and find out what is causing the leak. There are a number of reasons a windshield could leak. There could be rust, bad urethane placement, too little adhesive, uneven placement of urethane, etc.. The bottom line is that the windshield needs to be removed, which means it will break, so the technician can repair the problem and properly bond the windshield to the car. Setting a windshield needs to be done right the first time. Once it is set there is no way to go back to change a mistake.

Chapman Auto Glass has an extensive FAQ page, get all of your questions answered here:

Satisfaction Guaranteed

“Brian, The windshield looks Great! Thanks for working us in we really appreciate it. Thanks Again!”

Nora – Albuquerque

“On Sunday Dec 30th 2012 I was returning to my home in Rio Rancho from a Christmas trip to spend time with our family in Colorado. We were traveling on I-25 when a large chunk of snow and ice flew off of a vehicle in front of us which hit and destroyed the windshield in our 2007 Honda Odyssey. After gathering our wits, we drove slowly into Rio Rancho and called around to most of the glass shops listed in the phone book with no luck as it was a Sunday. When we called Chapman Auto Glass we did not get an answer but they did have voice mail and we left a message. Within 15 minutes we received a call back from them. Although they did not have the windshield for our vehicle in stock Brian was able to get the windshield from his supplier, replace the windshield, and get us back on the road that same day. We were not expecting to be able to get our windshield fixed on a Sunday. We greatly appreciate Chapman Auto Glass going above and beyond what anyone could expect.”

Dan – Rio Rancho

“Chapman Auto Glass has been replacing or repairing our fleet vehicle windshields since he started his business and he has always been competitively priced. It is his prompt service and knowledge that we truly appreciate and why we keep calling him. Brian is willing to go the extra mile when we need him to. I will continue to recommend Chapman Auto Glass to everyone I know.”

Chad – Academy Roofing

“I had my back glass broken by vandals and a large rock in my 2001 Buick Century late at night on April 12. I called around the next morning praying to find someone to replace the glass before it rained or something else happened to ruined my interior. I was not able to find anyone who was able to fix the glass right away due to it being a Sunday, Chapman Auto Glass offered to meet me at their store and keep the car inside for the night until they were able to get the glass and install it on Monday. They did not need to offer that service, but they did! Thanks Again!”

Joel B. – Albuquerque

“I called Chapman Auto Glass to repair a rock chip on my 2007 Chevrolet Impala caused by a thrown rock while driving on the interstate. The technician was very professional and courteous on the phone and while at the car he took the time to explain the repair process as well as the risk involved while performing the repair. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the repair as well as my experience with Chapman Auto Glass during this very frustrating time. I understand why my insurance company recommended them.”

Donna B. – Rio Rancho

Chapman Auto Glass repaired my rock chip and it is hardly noticeable! They not only repaired my chip but they also walked me through the hassle of filing a claim with my insurance company.

Kim D. – Albuquerque

You guys did an awesome job on my 2005 Chevy Silverado windshield! I came out after work and it was done… no problems and no hassles. Thanks Again!

Jim K. – Albuquerque

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